My Dear Sweet Followers

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jukebox Man ~ A Three Chord Song

Jukebox Man ~ Three Chords

I'm gonna get a bunch of nickels gonna buy em by the roll
      F                                C
Gonna put em in the juke and watch the record go

I love to hear the beating of a flat guitar
      G7                                     C
And a bass a fiddle slappin' it eight to the bar

Well I could sit here and listen to it all night long

It's the ricky ticky rhythm of a jukebox song
But when it comes to music I'm the number one fan
         G7                            C
And everybody's callin' me the jukebox man

Well the dawn is jumpin' with be-bop-a-do
      F                       C
I'm a puttin' in nickels it's way past two

A cute little blonde she's a hangin' on my arm
        G7                                  C
But the music from the juke has done got my charm

Have fun . . . Connie :)


  1. Hi Connie, I'm a new follower. My husband is teaching himself to play, also. He also makes lap steel guitars for family. He has now made 3, and is on his 4th one.
    I'll have to show him your blog.
    Jettie, a friend of Nana Diana

    1. I visited your blog and your husbands steel guitars are amazing!!!

  2. My son -in-law is the guitarist here..I will remember to show him your blog here:)