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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cowboy's Sweetheart ~ A Three Chord Song

Cowboy’s Sweetheart 

I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart
 I want to learn to rope and to ride
I want to ride o’er the plains and the deserts
Out west of the great divide

I want to hear the coyotes howling
As the sun sets in the West
I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart
               A7      D7        G
That’s the life I love the best

I want to ride old paint get him on a run
I want to feel the wind in my face

A thousand miles from all the city lights
Going at a cowhand’s pace

I want to pillow my head near the sleeping heard
While the moon shines down from above
              D7                                 G
I want to strum my guitar to a-yodel a dee  hee
       A7         D7     G
Oh, that's the life I love

This song was the signature song of Pasty Montana - born 
Ruby Rose Blevins in Beaudry, Arkansas (1908-1996).   
This song was released in 1935 and it made Pasty 
the first female country singer to have a million seller record.
 She worked with people like Gene Autry, Pat Burttram, 
Red Foley, the Girls of the Golden West, and George Gobel.  
I just thought you might enjoy a little history 
to go along with this old song.  

"Keep Strumming & Singing"
(or at least singing)




  1. I have never heard this one for some reason and I see it has been done by several people. Of course I may have just forgotten. I may let my wife sing it.

  2. You could sing it "I want to be a cowgirls sweetheart" ... some of the songs that I do, I turn them around a little bit and change the words. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I am so happy that you are checking out my songs. It's a lot of work if no one is interested.

    Does your wife sing with you . . . I think that is great. I got my Hubby's guitar out of his closet the other day and set it out in the living room next to mine. I hope he takes the hint. I would love it if he started playing again. When we first met, a little over 37 years ago, he was playing in church . . . then one day about twenty years ago he just lost interest. Go figure?

    Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  3. Oh Connie,,, if only I could 'strum' and as for my singing...yikes I make dogs howl with my voice! lol!

    1. Dear Katmom, I believe that everyone has a good voice . . . don't be sly, just sing and enjoy. If anyone says anything . . .it's their problem . . . "the old goats". Have a marvelous day and thanks so much for stopping in. Connie :)